HD5970 breaking 90C

Hey all. I just finished my first bout of Borderlands 2 and I noticed my card had gotten pretty hot. I ran it @ max settings and kept HWmonitor running in the background to see what kind of stress it would put on my hardware. I updated my drivers and used some compressed air to clean out my computer right before installing and playing, so I was pretty shocked to see that my card peaked @ 91C during game play.

Now I've been having some slight fan issues with my HD5970 for a while now. Not so much that it's not cooling properly, but after a complete shut down and rebooting for some reason the card's fan makes an obnoxious noise. I'm assuming it gets off axis somehow because my fix for the past year or so has been to just pop open the case really quick and nudge the fan.

So should I be concerned about the 91C temp reading? If so, do you think perhaps my fan is faulty? I'd imagine that if the fan wasn't working 91C would be low considering the load. Do you think perhaps my fan speeds are just set too low? Is there a way I can make a fan profile that will kick in specifically @ 80-85C or while I play a specific game?

Thanks a lot for the help in advance. This is quite vexing!
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  1. On a side note, I just attempted to open up Catalyst Control Center and it doesn't seem to want to load.
  2. Could really use some help, :-/. Still can't get CCC to launch.
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