Black screen on boot up, out of ideas.

Hi all, I recently bought a computer back in early August and have been having a few issues with it. I picked up a 3750K, Sabertooth Z77 and GTX 670, the 670 seems to be the problem.

First of all a week or so after I bought the PC, it would crash when it needed to render any game with decent settings i.e. Alan Wake and Skyrim. The fans would go to 100% as well as just having a black screen and I would have to restart. Eventually that happened each time I booted. I reseated the GPU and it now seemed to work fine, but I would still have these occasional crashes where the screen would go black but the audio was still ok, these even happened in the desktop.

At one point I couldn't get a screen output on boot and for an entire week I had this issue. I bought this from who were being slow on the RMA, and eventually a week later it managed to work again.

I still kept having the same issues but it was down to once a day or so and never on boot. However yesterday I had a crash in the desktop, which then went into me not having a screen output on boot again. I managed to get it working once by some miracle, where I had turned the computer on, and when it didn't turn off by hitting the power button again, I quickly hit restart and it would then ask to launch repair mode or launch normally. I haven't been able to do this since.

I used this chance to reinstall the GPU drivers and do any other fix I could find relating to boot issues (possibly thought it was Windows 7 and the GPU drivers that are having a spat). But then as a test to see if it could render something high spec, it crashed again and I can't get on anymore.

I've tried mashing the F8 key to get to BIOS, but if it does register it then I can't see it. I've put the Windows 7 disc in hoping to boot from it, no such luck again. The only other thing to mention is that when the screen output crashes on the desktop there is a sound of a message coming up just as the screen goes, so I can't read that at all.

I've honestly no idea what else I can do to fix the problem, I'm hoping some genius here can suggest something that would be able to at least get it back into Windows properly. I hope you can help.

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  1. with the asus sabertooth mb(i have one). it a stable mb if you have all the bios updates. there been a few for new gpu and ram. the last bios was 1504 i think asus dropped another one for the z77 mb and there in the 16xx. for getting into the asus bios it the delete key. if it not working use the clear the cmos jumper. one thing with this board it is picky on the ram that installed on in and the timming that set up. when you get into the bios go under the ai tweeker set the dram speed to xmp. make sure you dont use the asus overclock it change the mb bus spoeed from 100 to 103 or faster and the ram to bus from a 1:1 to 1:5.
    to update the mb use the usb flashback or the bios updater in the mb bios. when you get back into windows with the bios set to stock use cpu-z and read your ram speed and the spd info of the ram make sure the mb set the ram up right. then run memtest86 to see if any of the ram is bad. the last part is uses hardware monitor and check your power supply output. a lot of cheap power supplys cant handle being loaded down with a higher end gpu.
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