Need Cpu&components upgarde advice

So I bought AMD's Llano A4 3400 APU a few months back. I am very happy with this APU, as this entire reg was meant to get me back in the desktop market. And now i'm looking to make some small upgrades to my system (I will add full system spec's below), to improve its overall performance. I need this computer to run smoothly when running VMWare. When I do run VMWare, I start to lag a little when I have two different VM sessions going at once. I know that it's due to the amount of RAM I have. I would however also like to start doing some more gaming with it. At the moment I can play Star Trek online with out much of an issue. But I want to get diablo 3 (I have been waiting to play that game for sometime now) and starcraft 2. However, I am a student at the moment and cant afford much

I'm looking to upgrade/Add-on components. At first I was looking at adding more RAM followed by a discrete video card. I have been hearing alot about the bottleneck issue with APU's + discrete video cards. I have be wondering if I should put any stock into that "view"? However my Main questions are:
1) Should I go with the RAM and discrete video card
2) If I do buy a discrete video card, am I going to have any bottlenecking iusses and what ATI video card should I get to avoid this OR
3) Scrap the discrete video card and just upgrade to the Llano A6 or A8 models OR
4) Should I save my money so I can get an AM3+ cpu. This option will however force me to also upgrade the motherboard

If I do get a discrete video card or upgrade the cpu, I was looking at staying with AMD/ATI products. As the price cant be beat. With that in mind my budget at the moment is rather small, I would say around $100 is about all I can shell out.

Here is my Complete PC spec:
1) AMD A4-3400 Llano 2.7GHz
2) Asus F1A 55-M LX plus Motherborad
3) 4GB (2x2GB) Kingston DDR3 1333MHz
4) 500W PSU with no PCIe power connector
5) 500GB WD HDD black Edtion
6) After market Scythe Heatsink Samurai ZZ B
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  1. budget?
  2. well it's not much of a budget to tell you the truth. I'm looking to make the upgrades of almost all my current PC's hardware over a period of time. So for this upgrade i'm looking at around $100 bucks is about all I have at this time.

    I'm not looking at getting Diablo 3 any time soon. I was looking at getting that game when i'm done college in may of next year. I'm just looking to improve what I have already and get the best bang for my buck.
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  4. Mousemonkey said:
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    Thanks mousemonkey, I wasn't to sure what thread topic my OP would have fallen under.

    I don't know if I am missing any information. But if I am can someone please let me know
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