Palit gtx 650 vs inno3d gtx 550 ti

Can some one help me choose between the two? i had a palit gts 250 1g dd3 that I broke when I installed the Deep Cool Dracula VGA cooler

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  1. 550 ti is the more powerful card . not sure what's going on with these two but i found both for practically the same price on newegg. ~114

    BTW the Radeon HD 7770 beats both of these and also the same price range...
  2. what would you refer to me Nvidia or Radeon?

    And the shop that im going to buy from has 3 different HD7770:

    Sapphire HD 7770 1gb/128bit
    Sapphire HD 7770 1gb/128bit ddr5 (OC Ed)
    Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor X 1gb/128bit (OC Ed)

    which one where u talking about? the last 2 are just 1k in PHP or roughly 20$ more than the first
  3. If you can get the vapor X edition then get it or just the GHz edition:

    I think ghz edition will be better for price.
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