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hi friends i m a newbie to pc gaming. i plan a configuration of i3 2100 gtx 560 ti antec psu 650 watts ASRock H61M-PS2 Motherboard with 17 inch lcd monitor of 1024 into 768 resolution with maximum of 1280 into 1024 resolution.will i be able to play all recent modern games . please advice .
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  1. MY gut feeling is that the cpu would be the weak link here. i know the i3 2120 is pretty cheap and a bit better, but do you think you can spring $100 more for an i5? Hmm maybe a sweet cpu+mb combo deal from microcenter.

    If not that's ok, an i3 is still a very good cpu, i can see that rig playing on high on most games and you can always upgrade later =)
  2. I actually think it will be your monitor that will be the biggest bottleneck. 1280x1024 isnt that large a resolution, I suspect that your GPU would be twiddling its thumbs not doing much if you display on that.

    Also the 560Ti isnt valid anymore given that there are better cards at its price point.
    Go for a HD7850 or 7870.
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