Cheapest craphic card for these games for max settings.

My ati hd 4850 1gb is dying. (starting to make some white cubes on games and so on.)

Crysis 1
Sleeping dogs
Sniper elite v2
Bad company 2
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  1. CLUB3D AMD HD6570 CGAX-65724ZI 1GB D3 ? can it run those games even Max not ultra settings i only need 1280x720 resolution.
  2. I don't think so that 6570 could run crysis and skyrim on HIGH settings..... i guess u'll have a problem with AA.....

    If u want to play games like these... i'd recommend getting a ddr5 gpu...
    I think hd 6850 will do fine...
  3. My friend has the average of 35-40 fps on his old 1024x768 LCD with an HD 7750 on Crysis (Very High sets, 4x AA). You could get 50 with the CCC Optimization pack.
    Skyrim and others are not such demanding titles but Battlefield BC2 should also require at least the 7750.

    This card is not expensive these days, does not require an external power connector like the 4850 does, performs better, and has a greatly optimized DX11 support. Save up for a few weeks or months, but DO NOT go any lower than that.
  4. what's the rest of your hardware ?
  5. AA will have run into issues only at 1080p with the 7750. At least so with my i5. Better to grab the 7770 for the few dollars more than the 7750.
  6. my craphic card hasnt make any of those issues since i reinstalled whole machine using win 7 and now it works like a charm. maybe something wrong with dx9 base or something went wrong with software. thanks for your help ppl.
  7. HD 7770 If you want to make sure
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