New Build - Boots up but blank screen

Hi everyone,

I've just built myself a new Intel I7 Setup with a Gigabyte UD3-X79 Motherboard

The computer boots fine, all fans are working including; cpu, graphics card and case fans. I am not seeing anything on the screen though. My monitors register that the computer is turned on but start to flicker as if they are in standby mode. The DVD drive works if I swit

I've tried;

- Using a single memory stick
- Using two memory sticks
- trying different slots
- trying different sticks
- Trying an old stick from my last build
- Switching the graphics card into a different PCI-E slot
- Reseting CMOS (taking the battery out)

I can't seem to figure it out, I thought it might be something stupid that I've missed but I've trippled checked everything. I've had similar problems before relating to memory but it cant be the case this time as I've tried two different brands and multiple sticks + reset CMOS.

I'm using both the 24 pin power adapter and the 12v power adapter as specified in the manual.


Fractal Design XL Define Case
Gigabyte UD3- X79 Motherboard
Intel I7 2011 LGA 3.6ghz
16GB Geil 1866mhz
Corsair 850 PSU Modular (I think its modular if thats the type with the really annoying cables that wont bend).

If anybody has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.


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  1. I've also just tried booting with the memory removed and it made no difference, no beeps or nothing but all the fans inside are working and the DVD drive works.
  2. Sounds like its your motherboard mate.
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