HD 7770 Ghz 1GB -VS- GT640 2GB -VS- ????


I'm looking into the following graphics cards for a budget gaming build! This is going to be my leap from console (WOO PS3!) to Computer Gaming!
As you have probably seen in the title, the graphics cards i was looking at are the Radeon HD 7770 Ghz 1GB, and the ASUS GT640 2GB, the Nvidia GPU has more memory, but the Radeon's core clock speed is faster? Which is more important? I heard that its the memory, because that means more textures can be dumped onto it! (Higher the resolution/graphics settings the more memory the textures will take up?)

So anyway, I'm still pretty nooby with GPU's! Any help is appreciated! :D

P.S -- The ???? is in the title because if you have any other GPU's around the same price I could get? :)

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  1. Forgot to say, it must run at 1920x1080, as I've a monitor already! :)
  2. do not get the 640! The 7770 destroys it. Almost double the "average game performance".

    At this price range ~$110+ the 7770 rocks

    Yes more memory is better but from what i understand it only starts to become noticeable with multi monitor set ups
  3. Get the 7770.
    The GT 640 won't be able to fill up the memory fast enough since it's not a very powerful card.
  4. Thank you both! I'm off to check up the price of all the components and I'll get back to you, please let me know if there is something I can do to make it cheaper?:)
  5. Here it is, in all its glory;) My planned budget rig! The price is €636 with free delivery!
    Heres screenshots of the items!

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