Got the components. Should I build it? first time.

Hello, I just got my pc components and I dont know if I should build it because it is my first time and I dont want to break or damage anything.
Can I do it or do you suggest to call someone who has experience and spend some more money?
My part list:
NZXT PHANTOM( big one)
Asus p8z77-v
Corsair vengaence 8gb
Intel core i5-3570m
Msi Gtx 670
cooler master Hyper 212 evo
wd 1 tb hdd
xfx 550 psu

If you think i can do it please link a good video that explains everything.
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    General rules are: never assemble with too much force.
    Touch case metallic part often during build to drop static charge.

    Just google building videos and watch as more as you can to get clear picture in your head.

    If you're still unsure then don't do it by yourself
  2. Just do it, even if you are unsure. If you use even a minor amount of care, the likelihood of breaking something is minute. Just put everything where it goes, double check the connections and you are golden. Most things only have one possible place to be connected, so it isn't rocket science. The only way to learn this kind of thing is to jump in. Most components will have instructions.

    And hey, worst case if you do break something, the replacement cost will be about what you'd pay someone to build it for you and you will have learned some valuable lessons.
  3. I need some help really bad...
    Installed everything out of the case( motherboard, cpu with the hyper 212 evo, the video card, the ram and the psu with the connectors) but it doesnt show the image in the monitor or seems to turn on.
    The only thing I am kind of confussed about is that the power button in the motherboard turns on but the parts dont seem to turn on....
    What can i do? :??:
  4. Ohhh, i just saw.. my video card needs 2 6 pin connectors but theres one called PCI-E
    with an extra little connector near it.Is that the reason??
  5. You will need to hook up both connectors. If you power supply only has one, you will need to pick up an adapter that lets you use two hard drive connectors to power that second plug.

    ALso, did you make sure to hook up ALL the power connectors on the motherboard? There's usually one big one and 1 or 2 small ones.
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