Plugging a Cisco router into another router

My friend has a crappy wireless router, and I live 3 apartments away, too far to use his network. I bought a Cisco E2500 and 200 feet of CAT5 cable. I ran a line from one of the 4 ethernet out ports on the back of his router, out the window, across the roof (involving some night-time ninja-work) into the internet in port on the back of the Cisco.

I then followed the instructions in this post, changing the IP address of the router and turning off the DHCP server. I set up a WPA2-personel network on the Cisco, and can log onto it, but cant get on the net. In addition, his computer now gets pop-ups saying that another device is using the same IP address as his.

1. The "basic setup" has four connection types: which should I use:
•Automatic Configuration - DHCP
•Static IP
•Telstra Cable

2. What else do I have to do with the setup?

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  1. I re-read this and realized that it sounds like I'm jacking his internet: nope, he is in on this and I'm paying him for some of his bandwidth. Or will be, if we ever get it up and running....
  2. do you want to have a separate network, or are you going to share files?
  3. Separate networks.
  4. connect your computer to your Cisco, set the WAN side of the router to Automatic - DHCP, and change the LAN IP to (to avoid conflict)

    then connect the network cable coming from the other apartment to the WAN/Internet port
  5. Not able to connect: Should the DHCP server be on or off?
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    yes both routers should have DHCP enabled.

    test the cable and make sure it is working properly.
  7. Ok, DHCP enabled, still not connecting. Will check cable tonight (back to the roof-tops!) and see if that's the problem.

  8. Well, long story short, I was going to take up the cable and plug it between my friends router and computer to test it, but he said, "Just plug it into your computer, not the Cisco router" and I did and it worked. Then I plugged the cable back in and lo and behold, the wifi worked! When I looked down, I had accidentally plugged it into one of the ethernet slots instead of the "internet in" plug.

    Whatever, it works now. Just having some IP address problems on HIS router now...

    Thanks for the assist, emerald!
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