Crossfire Bottleneck 2.0 x16 & 2.0 x4

How much of a bottleneck will i have by using 2x 2.0 x16 Slots @x16 & x4 ? thx
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  1. Depends on the cards?

    is it 2 6950s? If so I'd say yes, you might want to get one with a second slot @ x8

    not 100% though....
  2. x4 isn't enough to run a demanding graphics. Additionally, both cards will run at x4 since SLI/Crossfire get limited by the weakest link.
  3. yes its a second HD 6950 2GB
  4. Hmm seems ok on the 7970, I wouldnt have expected that.

    It is essentially a PCI-e 1.0 @ x8. I would have thought 2.0 @ x8 would be preferred.......might be better to wait for someone with real world exp to comment.....

    You should also consider if the CPU would bottleneck.... again not 100% on this

    It looks like a single 6950 takes a 7% hit going from x8 to x4. In Crossfire, this effect will be magnified because each GPU gets the same data and since one GPU is only getting it at x4, the other will only be getting data at x4 as well.

    I imagine that this will very negatively affect the benefit of adding that 2nd card although I'm not totally sure.

    EDIT: I looked on the 2nd to last page of that link I posted and they did the exact thing you are talking about. Looks like an average of -10% performance penalty for using x4 with a worse case of -24%.
  6. no i won't use my FX 4100 when i CFX i will upgrade to a FX 8120 and i talked to a guy who has a 4x HD 6950 2gb and he said he tried it with my board before and he said it did fine except when the resolution was above 1920x1200
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