8400m gs(gpu) t5270(cpu) playing League of Legends

Hi everyone..

So here is my situation... As my title says im using a dell laptop 1500 w/ those specs 8400m gs 256mb and t5270 1.4ghz... The lcd of my laptop died so im using an xternal monitor as of right now which i borrowed from my friend.. 1280x1024 native res (17inch) monitor.. With this monitor im using for playing LoL i get 40fps mins and 50max of course at all lowest graphic settings.. Now that i save up money im going to buy my own monitor so that i can return the one i borrowed from my friend..

My choices are the ff:

20 inch monitor 1600x900
21.5 inch monitor @ 1920x1080

all is samsung brand

For the two monitors, can u say, calculate, speculate or at least guess from a given experience w/ a lot of knowledge behind it of course what fps should i be getting at all lowest settings..
Thanks in advance and Godbless to us all!!!
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  1. Well your going to probably just turn down the resolution of your monitor to 1280x1024 for best frame rate possible when you need to play LoL. Because if you play at 1600x900 your more than likely going to get some choppy parts when things get hetic.

    My friends laptop FPS would take a dive when Gangplank would ult. XD
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    From a theoretical standpoint, performance shouldn't be too different between that 17" monitor and the 20" 1600x900 monitor: the 17" has 1,310,720 total pixels, whereas the 20" has roughly 10% more at 1,440,000 pixels. The 1080p monitor has much more visual real-estate, with 2,073,600 pixels (58% more than the 17").

    That said, is there no way you can adjust LoL's display resolution? If that's possible, you can always get the 1080p monitor and simply set LoL's resolution to 1600x900 or similar.
  3. Thanks williamjuly2003 and mousseng..

    Moussseng in my 17 inch monitor i tried using the res 1600x1200 in playing LoL.. There is only a very slight diffrence in performance vs 1280x1024 that is not noticeable at all but i choose the native res 1280x1024 because it looks better.. So for the given fact, the 1600x1200 and 1920x1080 has only less than 10% difference i can play LoL in that res in a 21.5 inch monitor, at least at a playable state i mean? Oh by the way guys i oced my GPU... The stock core and memory bus value is at 400 which i oced to 625&518 and getting a 65degrees celcius temp..
  4. Guys i think i understand the concept now.. it doesnt matter what is my screen size, its all about my resolution.. So i should go with the 1080p monitor and if my gpu cant handle the 1920x1080 res i can change it to lower res until i can play smoothly.. tnx tnx tnx and Godbless!!
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