Gaming freezes and "AMD device driver has stopped responding" HD 7670

Does it seem that Radeon HD drivers are especially squirrelly? I've tried everything I, as a non tech-adept, could think of based on research on this forum and the consensus seems to be that it could be any one of a million little things crashing the driver, but I thought I'd ask for some input in my particular situation...

So when I play basically anything involving graphical power, I get a freeze with blue rectangular artifacts in a grid pattern all over the screen. In Minecraft, it almost never happens, and in TES Oblivion it happens ever hour or so, both with a crash and resulting error message "AMD device driver has stopped responding and has recovered". In TES Skyrim I get the crash ever 2 minutes but it never recovers to the point where I see the error message, and I have to force shutdown. I've never had a crash when not playing a game.

This is a fairly new Satellite laptop I'm working with:

(via Piriform Speccy)

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7 @ 2.30GHz
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
TOSHIBA Portable PC (U3E1)
Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz)
AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series
Hard Drives
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

Here's what I've tried:
- using Windows to uninstall all AMC drivers that I could find and reinstalling via the latest version of Catalyst Control Center
- making sure nothing is overheating (it's not, usually sits between 45-55)
- running Windows memory diagnostic (no errors found)
- cleaning the registry with Piriform CCleaner
- physically pulling out and putting back in those RAM chip thingies (told you I wasn't a tech adept, but they seem to be working fine despite my incompetence)

Any advice would be so appreciated! I'm greatly attached to the magical land of Tamriel and I want to know what the hell happened to the Empire without resorting to internet spoilers... and also enjoying the game I paid damn good money for.

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  1. I've had the same thing happen but contrary to yours, it only happens randomly when the pc goes to standby o.O. Have you tried installing older drivers? maybe that will work?
  2. Have you tried completely removing the drivers a la driver sweeper ?
  3. It's a common problem with both Nvidia and AMD cards.

    The most common fix is to re-install windows.
  4. bigbased: yes, I've tried rolling back the driver

    spentshells: I haven't used a program to remove the drivers, but I think I managed to remove them all manually before reinstalling them? I think

    geekapproved: Oh no, that sounds like a big project ack. If nothing else helps I guess I'll go to that.

    Also, here are the artifacts if that helps at all: image
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    Pardon me, I didn't realize it's a laptop.

    Sounds to me like it's overheating.

    It's still under warranty right?
  6. It is indeed still under warranty, but I check the temp as soon as I can after a crash and it never seems to be above 60ish C? I guess it could be spiking higher in the few minutes while I'm actually freezing, or maybe 60 is already too high?
  7. Listen, download Hardware Monitor (google it). Open it and have it open while your playing. It'll record the min and max temps your cpu and gpu reach during the entire session.
  8. Wow, dude, you have no idea how much of a idiot I feel like right now. According to the monitor (I found something called SpeedFan on CNET), I'm spiking above 80 after just a few minutes of playing. That's probably the issue. I'll check the fan and the warranty on it :P Or else just wait until the winter so I can get the REAL experience of playing Skyrim.
  9. It probably needs a good cleaning
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