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Hi all,

in my new build i had a faulty harddrive and tommorow im going to send it for RMA.
But... when i disconnect my hdd it cant find the boot partition. So i checked it and yes its true.. My boot partition is on the HDD while the other stuff is on my SSD so my ssd cant boot on his own -.-

Is there a way to solve this without reinstalling windows? That means the 100mb partition on my HDD needs to go to my ssd someway.

Thanks ;)
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  1. Remove HDD, Boot off the windows CD in rescue mode and have it fix your boot sector.
  2. Im going to try that right now ;) lets see how this goes..
  3. I tried to do "Repair your computer" and then startup repair while all other drives but the ssd are disconnected. It does not work.. :(
  4. That's worked for me in the past, but not this exact scenario. Sorry.

    You are finding out why most people recommending installing windows on the SSD with all other drives unplugged.
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