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How good is my PC by today's standards?

I was considering a new build, but I think I might need a smartphone more (my old dumb phone just isn't really cutting it these days). Anyway, if I get a smartphone now, I'll need to coast through the next few years on my current rig. I built it for gaming, but I tend to do more browsing/internet on it these days.

Anyway, I was wondering what you guys would expect from my current PC in terms of gaming performance for the next few years. I realize I'll need to turn some settings and the resolution down as time goes on, but as long as things remain playable I'll be happy.

Intel Core i5-750 (w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212+)
Asus P7P55D
Radeon HD 5850
7200 RPM HDD (never got into SSDs)

Stock speeds.

What do you guys think? Assuming I don't mind having to turn down some settings, should I still be good for a few years?
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  1. medium of the pack. But ya. if you turn down the settings (resolution mostly) you can last another 2-3 years gaming on medium/high probably.
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    Actually you are not too bad especially since you already have a CPU cooler and can overclock. The HD 5850 is a little more powerful than my GTX 460 1GB and my card is still holding up pretty well.

    I would say if you do what I do and tend to buy the games on sale at Steam or Origin or wherever you will be fine for a while. I would not expect to max the latest, most demanding games but they should be playable at higher just not the highest settings.

    If you overclock the CPU you could also add a much better graphics card when you need it and just upgrade as you get the money. I would think if you can get 3.5-4Ghz out of the CPU then a GTX 670/HD 7950 level card would not bottleneck at all.
  3. But, cant it play crysis?
  4. anort3 said:
    I would say if you do what I do and tend to buy the games on sale at Steam or Origin or wherever you will be fine for a while.

    True. I forgot about that. When I think about it, I don't tend to get games the moment they come out. I also don't game as much as I used to. Even if there's a game I really wanted to play, I could always get the console version (assuming the new Xbox or Playstation haven't come out by then).

    It's good to know I'm in fairly good shape, and this puts me at ease with my decision to pursue a smartphone.

  5. The i5-750 isn't your problem especially since you can OC. The 5850 is also a great card. You should be fine. If you want higher settings for the latest stuff then OC your CPU and pick up a more powerful GPU. Enjoy!
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