Gtx 680 asus direct ii oc

hi i just build my pc with

asus gtx 680
i5 3570 sabertooth z77
16gb ram

and i just get 60 fps on amazing spider man on max out and just 35 on max out sleeping dogs, is that should be or should be higher?

and my ram is on 1333mhz how to speed up to 1600 becouse i dont know

my ram is 1600 but is jsut use on 1333

sory taht posting this on graphics card forum:)))
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  1. Have you upgraded your drivers?

    Upgrading drivers changes the performance a lot for some specific games.

    The Ram memory default speed is always 1333 pre determined by the motherboard, if you want to run it a 1600mhz, you must overclock it...

    Check on how to overclock your memory using XMP profile if you are new in overclocking it will be running at 1600mhz easily.
  2. thank you
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