Crazy Mobo isue

sMajor problem here
2 year old PC bricked on me
Starts then shuts off
Heres my trouble shooting so far:
Not gpu Not ssd Not disk Not bios Not psu Not fans Not dust/real time short
Not overheated No cracks
It launches for .1 seconds with mobo/no cpu power. After that it requires a psu reflip to lqunch again.
With MOBO/CPU power, it launches for 3 seconds before turning off all fans and trying to restart again.
Im hopeful cause it seems like some kind of protection mechanism against a short which i found none.
I need advice guys
Posted from iphone so not the best quality.
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  1. Probably a short somewhere. I would take out the board and clear the wiring from around the board; look for a loose screw and check the backplate for squareness. Tuck away the extra power supply wiring; I use an empty floppy space. If the power supply is marginal, I would replace it anyway; they aren't that much and you may be able to use a spare for testing.
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