Reinstall Windows from the upgrade disk.

I just got a new computer and I'm selling my old one to a friend and I'd like clean everything out so it's nice and new for him. On that computer I upgraded from XP to 7 so I only have the upgrade disk. I was wondering if I can just do a reinstall from that or is there something else I would have to do? Thanks.
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  1. It should work. Won't the Win7 upgrade just ask you to put in your XP disc so it can verify upgrade eligibility?
  2. yeah DXrick i believe is right... if the hard drive is clean ... when u put in the disk it will say something like "please insert windows xp disk" it will do its check and then u put back in the windows 7 disk and continue
  3. Don't even worry about that, just boot from disc and delete your old partion then create a new one. It will install nice and fresh.
  4. Ok I'll give that a shot.

    Also I heard somewhere that if you have a full copy of 7 you can use the serial # from the upgrade and have it work. Is that true of BS?
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    ignore what the other people said

    put disk in drive and boot from it. click on advanced. then clean install

    after you select that you can format drive and it will work fine

    the only difference between full/upgrade. is upgrade checks to see if a previous version is installed and if it is sets it one way if not it does it the other way
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