Psu blew up NEED HELP !!

HELP this psu :
recently blew up on me with a massive spark coming out of the back and a very potent burning smell :( would like to know if anything is fried apart from the psu and if this psu :
would be ok with this build :
2x4gb ddr3 ram
amd athlon II X2 3.0GHZ
asus geforce gtx 650 1gb ddr5
500gb wd blue caviar hdd 3.5"
250gb toshiba hdd 2.5"
22x Samsung SATA DVD±RW CD Writer Drive Burner TS-H663 ROM Desktop PC 5.25"
2xgelid silent 12 fans 120mm/80mm
2x120mm fans as well as the two above
avenge power gangster midi case with front led's
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  1. That is why you don't buy crap PSUs. This is a very high quality PSU that should run that fine:

    Sometimes a PSU will spike other components, other times not.
  2. Harsh as it may sound, a 550w Psu for that price should of sent you running away from it.
    £80 Pounds should get you a nice new PSU, just make sure it is a good brand name.
    Seasonic,OCZ,Antec, Silverstone. What were saying is there is more circuit protection on the PSU`s so if anything goes wrong it is less likely to blow up the rest of the computer parts that can end up being more expensive to replace in the long run due to buying a cheap PSU.
    You may find it has blown up the board, graphics card or other things. That is when you find out how important it is to buy a quality PSU.
    You may be lucky this time. And I hope you are, but past experience Says there is a high chance of something else taken with the PSU when it blew.
  3. That XFX one is a very good PSU; made by Seasonic.
  4. We cant tell you if the PSU blew the rest of the components, only way to find out is put in another PSU and see if it still works.

    Thats why the PSU is the last place to skimp on a build, it is the one component with the potential to kill the rest, so you want a good one.
  5. first thing is there is no way to know if your PSU took anything out with it when it went down in flames until you try using another PSU.

    second, you don't need a 600 POS power supply!

    this would be fine for the rig and a 100,000,000% better quality:
    Corsair 430W V2 CX Series PSU £33.95inc. vat

    and the third thing is . . .
  6. Anonymous said:
    and the third thing is . . .

    Oh god, The suspense!
  7. Wow didnt expect so many replies so fast thanks :) and i was on a tight budget t the time as a lot of the components i wanted ended and the only available components were more expensive so thats the reason for the shitty psu, im on a budget of around £40 at the minute and found this :
    would this be ok for my build and is it at high enough quality ? it says it has short circuit protection, over power protection etc this has got to be better than the previous psu by a mile ? thanks.
  8. Also i can pick this psu up today from a store nearby, dont wanna wait a weak to find out if any other components are blown itll kill me ;)
  9. Suspect that will be just as bad as the last one.
    Absolutely no indication of 80+ certification (leaving efficiency and voltage control unknown), from a generic brand (never a good sign), multiple (its not even sure) 12v rails isn't good either.
    And as a guy in the comments said, doesnt even have PCI-E cables. It also only has a single SATA connector.

    I recommend you get this supply.
  10. thanks and ok then is there any chance you can recommend a psu that will be ok in the £40 range ? really low on money
    Though this is the lower threshold of wattage. If you are going to upgrade your CPU/GPU significantly (assuming it still lives), I suggest getting a more powerful unit. So IMO it would be best just to get the stronger supply now to save yourself cash in the long run.
  12. I made the same mistake, paying like $60 for a cheap 650W. Now I am desperately trying to gather some cash to buy a Corsair AX750 so I don't have to worry as much for my components to blow up into one trillion pieces. You honestly end up paying up more in the long run, by saving on the PSU, in both efficiency, buying a better brand (Like my scenario), and saving money on replacing components that were fried.
  13. thanks for the help i think ill go with the more expensive psu because i am thinking about upgrading my cpu.
  14. My old psu was only £17 and they have already said a full refund will be given but if any of my components are fried is there anyway they could cover the cost ? because my rig should be supported by a 550w psu and the product was clearly stated as a 550w psu, i was only wondering if anyone knows anything ?.
  15. The store won't be responsible at all -- the power supply makers will be. Some brands like Corsair and Seasonic (including seasonic made psu's including XFX), cover all damages I THINK (Not too certain).

    It depends on their policies.
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