Hey guys me again we found a build for me but I'm like a girl i always change my mind lol i found out about about mini itx gaming rigs and well i want it to sit on my desk cause my current one doesn't it sucks i can look at it so i want a gaming build keep it under 1000 and im happy and i want an intel cpu and i have a case I'm gonna use the bitfenix prodigy :) thx for everyone's time and help!
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  1. skip the prodigy. its the size of a matx case and isnt small as you think it is. not to mention if you touch that case in anyway, it will wobble around. it wont tip over, but keeps wobbling

    id get this

    if you dont plan on overclocking, id get this

    if you dont need the OS, id spend the money on getting a 7950
  2. i have a neighbor that can get me os and damn prodigy really isnt that small hmmm
  3. if your neighbor is getting it for you, its most likely illegal unless they are a student, works at microsoft, or just bought a couple of copies of windows (i doubt)
  4. Dude I love that case when they release orange and red? And my neighbor is a software designer he tests everything and fixes bugs within them
  5. I have no idea when they release it
  6. So I'm taking it that's your build in those Picts?
  7. You can only get the black or white one as far as i know.
  8. TheBigTroll said:
    which one do you want? red or orange?
    :lol: i didn't know they sold them yet.
  9. Omg is that a reliable website? I didn't think they were out yet! :D
  10. of course it is. i shop there everytime. if you ask me, they are better than newegg of amazon. they price match and the fastest time it took for them to process my order was 5 mins. it was ready for pickup in 15 mins

    they arent widespread since they are canadian based
  11. Ok I'm gonna go white I need a good build I hear they have a Asia mobo that's awesome for it and I think I'm gonna need to add some dual fans at top
  12. omg asia how the hell did i put asia ment asus lol
  13. is the gtx good cause what thinking about the sapphire radeon hd 7950 vapor x version
  14. The vapor x is better you would go over your budget that way though.
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