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If I have 2 560's in Sli...

Will a 600 watt corsair psu suffice

Will I need to watercool?
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  1. you wont need water cooling(well depends on what brand you have) also what are your specs
  2. Intel core i5 2500k
    8 Gb kingston
    Gigabyte mobo
  3. I use a Corsair 620HX to run my 560Ti's and I have had no need to water cool them.
  4. Okay thank you I will grab one and in a couple months maybe grab a second how do your perforrm?
  5. Just fine and dandy, I don't have any issues to report and I have never seen any of that microstuttering that the dual card haters are always bleating on about and overall I'm quite happy and have been for the last year and a half.
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