New build problem

ok so i just build my first pc


intel pentium g860
msi h61m-p20
gigabyte radeon 7770
patriot signature 1333mhz 8gb kit
seagate 500gb hard drive
samsung dvd drive
antec high current gamer 520w psu

now the pc will enter post no problem i can enter the bios, but as soon as i try to install windows it will shut off and restart, usually happens as soon as the 'loading windows files' has reached 100%. also tried installing ubuntu but also shuts off at initial loading screen.

i have run memtest x86 and passed with no errors, but shut off again during second run about 60% complete.

I have no idea what to do any suggestions on what the problem could be?

ps: all components brand new, no other computer to test individual components
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  1. What are the temps of the cpu? Just wondering if your cooler is attached correctly. Have you tried with one stick of memory, maybe one of the sticks is bad. Its happened to me before.
  2. If your whole PC shuts off, I think Maestro is right and you probably haven't seated your CPU heatsink properly, so it's running too hot and shutting down.

    If not that, then maybe you have a faulty part.
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