Visual Studio 2012 and CPU Upgrade

I have my current system and was planning on upgrading it, but I don't have time to do a lot of gaming so I have dropped plans to upgrade until now. Next quarter I will begin taking C++ classes and wanted to know if I should upgrade my CPU to an i7, i5 or just keep my slow and faithful AMD chip. Will an upgrade make all that much of a difference in performance when compiling?

As always: Thanks Ahead! :hello:
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    An upgrade will only make a large difference if dealing with large programs. If you're dealing with programs <1500 lines (off the top of my head, ballpark figure) you won't notice any difference. You could always upgrade if you notice it takes more than a few seconds to compile. My school's computing rooms have PCs based on first-gen i3s, and still compile almost instantly.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping for an excuse to upgrade though :). My i7, 16GB, discrete GPU workstation laptop will do I guess. Now if I had several external monitors and keyboard...
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