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Gaming Desktop Build Advice Wanted

Okay so I'm going to be building my first desktop pretty soon, and I want some advice on what parts to get so that I can get the most bang for my buck since I want my budget under $700. Let me first state that I by no means want some high end machine that can run bf3/crysis on maxed out settings. I play d3/sc2/wow and guild wars and I don't need to play them maxed out.

I did some research today and picked out some parts but to be honest I'm not sure if this is all compatible or if any of these components are good choices, so any feedback at all is helpful.


8GB (2 x 4GB)

Video Card
Radeon HD 6850

Intel Core i5-3350(3.1Ghz)

Mid-Tower Case Includes 3 Fans

Power Supply
Antec Modular 550W

Also, is a 23" monitor a decent size to use for PC?
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    Couple of suggestions: P67 is a bit outdated, and might not work with IB (may need an SB chip to do a BIOS update). If not OCing or CF/SLI then get a cheap H77 or B75 board.

    Get a better GPU e.g. 7870.

    23" is fine. You want a 1080p one though, and fast (<7ms) response time.
  2. ^+1 to him.

    Also, Newegg CPUs, I find are a bit expensive. You can get better deals from Amazon and especially Microcenter(walk-in only, so you're lucky if you have one near).
  3. Have a look at they have prices from amazon and ncix which in lots of casez beat neweggs prices and have free s/h. That alone could help keep you in budget.
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