Gaming laptop under $600?

So I nee a gaming laptop that will record games like Skyrim, Minecraft, GTA, BF3, and etc around 30 or more fps. My budget is $600-$650 I guess. I found some stuff that might be good but I'm not really a tech-y girl so I don't know(haha;;)

The first one is the Lenovo Ideapad with AMD a-10 4600m CPU and 6 gbRAM memory. The graphics card is AMD Radeon hd 7660 something like that haha
Next one is the HP Pavilion dv7-6135(I think)
I don't remember the specs since I don't have access to it ATM.
Well anyway, if you have any other suggestions, tell meee(:
Also a good external harddrive(1TB)if you/own any good ones(:
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  1. That Lenovo sounds ideal. You wont get any better at that price
  2. @butremor Alright thanks I'll post there. I didn't know sorry.
  3. Though, must it be a laptop? A $600 desktop would game brilliantly, a $600 lappy would game poorly at best.
  4. @FinneousPJ ,yeah I know this would be so much easier if I was to buy a desktop.. But I need a laptop since its portable, since I hate sitting at a desk. Also I'm probably going to take it if I was to go somewhere. URGHHH..
    Sorry;; I know its hard to find one:(
  5. Ah, too bad. Sounds like you already found a decent one though.
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