Borderlands 2 PhysX with AMD graphics card(s)

So in Borderlands 2 there's a feature to increase the physics effects of the game, supposedly only if you have an Nvidia video card with their dedicated PhysX technology.

Nvidia promotional video I saw a couple weeks before release of the game:

It kinda pissed me off because I have dual Radeon 6870s and I figured I wouldn't have access to these graphical improvements.
However, when I set all my graphics options before playing I set graphics to high across the board and physics to 'medium' instead of 'low' just to see if it would make a difference. Indeed the fire, explosive, and shrapnel graphics were greatly improved and it looks amazing, but it taxed my system and framerates dropped during firefights. Still playable, but barely.

I read on some other forums that because AMD cards don't have that PhysX tech, that strain gets directed to the CPU (I have an Intel 2500K), and thus lowers framerate.

So because Radeon cards don't have dedicated PhysX they can't run it as well as Nvidia, but they can still run enhanced physics in Borderlands 2 or other games?

And if that is true, if the CPU does take on the physics load, would overclocking the CPU (which I've never tried up to this point) stabilize that extra strain and thus increase my framerates?
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  1. You can get a Physx card depending on the motherboard you have. Minimum I would get is an 8800GT, but optimally a GTS250/450.

    The hacked drivers work pretty well.
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