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New build help!

Hello all,

I'm mid switch from changing from the dreaded Mac (My father is in the film industry and they worked for him, but being 18, I'm moving out of home and changing to a logical system and building my first PC). Work just had to pay me a whole heap of money for reasons I won't go into (No it wasn't anything to do with sexual assault) and had to pay me some extra money. However, being new to this world I need help, I have done hours of research on different sites and come up with this with the best prices I can get for them:

Processor: i5 3570k 3.4 turbo to 3.8 -$190
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 -$139
Graphics Card: Galaxy GTX 670 2GB -$399
Ram: DDR3 Corsiar 2x4GB -$45
Case: Coolermaster 690 II Black & White -$125
HHD: Western Digital 1TB 7200RMP -$80
(Will Upgrade to have a SSD when I have money again)

If anybody sees any problems in this set up, sees I'm paying to much for an item (All items are in Australian Dollars) or thinks I'd be better off with another part please do tell me. Im interested in games such as BF3, GTA IV, Skyrim etc. I also enjoy Wargame: European Escalation, a game that runs on DirectX9 and I have read slabs of forums saying that the 670s don't run well with X9. Can anybody back this up? cheers.

Sorry for the essay above, but I'm trying to cover all bases! Cheers.
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    Couple of suggestions: if you play to OC then get an aftermarket cooler; maybe a Hyper212 Evo. If not then get a 3470 and B75/H77 board if not doing SLI/CF.

    You may need a PSU.

    Get the cheapest 1TB 7200RPM drive you can; don't worry about Caviar Black.

    Not sure about DX9 problems with 670s, but if it's a game that old I doubt you'll have performance problems. One of these is a better deal though:
  2. I've added the Hyper212 Evo to the list, as I like to keep options open.
    I have already happened to have picked up a Cooling Master Extreme 2 725W off a mate, and was hoping that it might be enough, however I do know that Graphic Cards churn up the wattage. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your help already mate.
  3. I'd be looking at around a 550W for that (assuming you're not SLI/CFing), but more is good with PSUs. Only thing is CM don't make the best PSUs, but it *should* be fine.
  4. The only connivence in the CM was the lack of exchange of money. If your were to suggest a PSU, for under $100, what you suggest?
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  6. Single GPU:
    Dual GPU:
    Note that I wouldn't consider your current PSU to be able to run two GPUs, but it should be fine with a single 7950, 670, or 7970.
  7. I actually have one last question, I'm almost ready to purchase everything, however, because I'm buying all these parts separately, (and I've never built a machine before) do I need cables to connect the components? Or do they not need them/come with them?
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