Can you tell a Sata 2 cable from a Sata 3 cable?

If you have a SATA cable in your hand, is it possible to tell if it is a Sata 3 cable, capable of 6Gb/s, or a Sata 2 only capable of 3Gb (or, worse, 1.5Gb/s)?

Obviously if you have good hardware, you don't want to cripple it with a bad cable, but trying to identify the "right" cable seems to be tricky (unless someone out there knows the trick!)

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  1. Usually there is writing along the cable that should say its 6GB/s, if not its 3GB/s.
    According to a friend at the local computer store, they are also stiffer compared to 3GB/s cables.

    Though in that same store there was a disagreement whether the cable even makes a difference, as apparently all SATA cables are the same.

    Just play it safe and use the cables that expressly say 6GB/s on the side (you should get 2 or 3 with the mobo) for your SSD and any SATAIII hard drives you have. Beyond that I wouldn't worry about it.
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  4. Thank you, manofchalk and looniam. both excellent answers.
  5. glad to help, you're welcome :)
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