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MSI N660Ti Power Edition oc vs Sapphire 7950 oc

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MSI N660Ti Power Edition oc vs Sapphire 7950 oc VOTE!

Total: 31 votes (12 blank votes)

  • MSI N660Ti Power Edition oc
  • 40 %
  • Sapphire 7950 oc
  • 60 %
September 21, 2012 7:25:00 AM


I was wondering which one performs better and i should get

MSI N660Ti Power Edition 2GB oc:

Core Clock 1019 MHz
Boost Clock 1097 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 6.008 GHz
Memory Interface 192-bit


Sapphire 7950 3GB oc:

Core Clock 950 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 5 GHz
Memory Interface 384-bit

If i go with the 660ti i will propably leave it as it is

but with the 7950 i would oc it
1020 Mhz on the GPU core and 1575 (x4 quad data rate)=6300 MHz on the memory.

I want to play all the new games generally with 1920x1080 res at max settings.

Thanks :sarcastic: 
a c 92 U Graphics card
September 21, 2012 7:48:47 AM

the 7950 is better since the 660ti really struggles if you put on AA. Its performance is also less than that of the 7950. I don't see why you'd want it unless you really wanted borderlands 2 with it.

you can see how adding AA makes the 660 ti's performance tank.
a b U Graphics card
September 21, 2012 8:09:27 AM

Yeah, that 192 bit interface really hurts it, I really hate how people says it doesn't matter, when it does matter alot. For me, the 660ti is not only useless at AA, its almost.. not future proof at all. Of course to mitigate it a bit you could always OC it, but you can never tell how well that will go.
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a b U Graphics card
September 21, 2012 8:34:26 AM

i wouldnt touch an MSI product if you paid me
September 21, 2012 9:57:41 AM

im looking at the 660ti myself are they that bad
September 21, 2012 10:07:49 AM

i personally like the 660ti. The 660ti is a compromise card, it's not going to have everything. The card works fine in just about every game. MSI generally has more cooling efficiency than most. I've got 2 Twin Frozr's and they are ridiculous in size but their heatsinks are great. Fans could be a little better but all that dissipation from the heatsinks will make up for it.

Anyways, for performance i would go for the 7950. Power per clock its a much more efficient card. Memory interface is a little more important than the effective memory clock. Being almost 2X the amount will mean it needs to cycle much less to perform which in turn will require less power and will create less heat. NVidia has been slacking a little bit since the 400 series. Their high end cards are amazing, but they haven't really been focusing much on the middle range cards like AMD has.
September 21, 2012 10:15:10 AM

i was going with the 7950 from the start but i saw some benchmark reviews and they were competable, so i wanted to get some opinions too.
sooo i think im going Amd! ^^
September 21, 2012 10:43:50 AM

theres 1 with 960 cores which is cheaper and about £70 less is that any good im running a 560 ti at the min
a c 185 U Graphics card
a b } Memory
September 21, 2012 11:18:25 AM

The 660 ti is not a bad card just read the reviews other than TH and you will see it's not bad it's nothing great either though
"As it stands, AMD’s position correctly reflects their performance; the GTX 660 Ti is a solid and relatively consistent 10-15% faster than the 7870, while the 7950 is anywhere between a bit faster to a bit slower depending on what benchmarks you favor. Of course when talking about the 7950 the “anything but equal” maxim still applies here, if not more so than with the GTX 670. The GTX 660 Ti is anywhere 50% ahead of the 7950 and 25% behind it, and everywhere in between."
a c 185 U Graphics card
a b } Memory
September 21, 2012 11:31:58 AM

BigMack70 said:
Yeah... if you ignore the reviews that look at minimum framerates and high AA, the 660ti is a great card. However, reviews that show minimum framerates or very high levels of AA show that it needs to be cheaper than the 7950 to be a good deal.
agree it needs to be cheaper should sell for $250.00 imo
a b U Graphics card
a b } Memory
September 21, 2012 1:19:31 PM

I'm think 7950 is much better card..

Bigmack70 already explained it.

u will need to keep eyes on minimum fps it's important (u might not notice 60+ fps but u will notice 20- fps)
September 21, 2012 4:17:07 PM

but do the cores make a differance to the card there is some 660ti on scan with 960 cores and some with 1300 ish cores the 960 core one is about £70 cheaper just wondered what the differance makes in the cores
a c 92 U Graphics card
September 21, 2012 5:50:41 PM

The 660 is less powerful than the 7870 so you might as well buy that if you want something cheaper. The 7950 beats them both.