Does a fast, free VNC exist?

I'm a lazy ass who likes to sit on my recliner with my laptop, then sit at my desk and play games on my tower. I'd like to play games on the tower, over my LAN on a VNC on my laptop. Is there a free software to do something like this? The closest to speed and quality was something called "splashtop" but it's not free, and I'm not willing to pay for it. I tried the free VNC, TightVNC and it didn't work very well, at all. The whole thing was laggy. I know these things are not designed to play games over them, but that's what i'm looking to do. I'd like to utilize my LAN network with an unencrypted connection to get the best speed possible. I ask this community because I can find nothing, and I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't exist, because I'm asking for such a big thing.....Thanks anyways guys! Love this place for questions, they always get told straight, no BS. -Jesus.

P.S - The game in question is Battlefield 3 :D
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  1. You cannot do what you want and not be laggy. For each frame of the game you must freeze the game while you copy the pixels and buffer them for transmission. At a common resolution of 1680x1050 you need to send almost 5.3MB of uncompressed data for EACH frame, and at 30 fps that is almost 159MB, which is about 1.6Gbps on Ethernet.

    If you compress the frames to reduce the bandwidth, which is what TightVNC does, then you add lag because it takes time to perform the compression and decompression on the other end.
  2. I don't know anything about using VPN to access games, but most of the free VPNs have limited bandwidth, i.e. 1MBit. There are lot of VPN services around, i.e.: various prices. I use boxPN, a company in the UK, which has connections in several coiuntries. It is fairly new and is only $3.75 a month on a yearly subscription basis. You want to choose a service with unlimited bandwidth to get the maximum benefit. For a couple of dollars more a month, boxPN offers an even more secure service for use in countries, i.e. China, that block certain websites. The more secure connection will allow you to get around that.

    Before I signed up for that service, I used SecurityKISS, CyberGhost, and a couple of others, which were free, with certain limitations.
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