CPU bottleneck with Athlon II X2 245 & HD7850?

How much of a bottleneck would my Athlon II X2 245 be if I got an HD7850?
(by bottle neck I mean gaming performance limited, or "surplus wasted" GPU performance due to CPU when I could get close to the same with less?)

Currently I have:
Athlon II X2 245
300W PSU
AM3 socket motherboard

I'd like to do some light gaming, such as Dayz, Total War: Shogun 2, Civ5, BF3, Diablo3 (I've read TW:Shogun2 & ArmA2 are quite CPU intensive)

I see two clear options for me:

a) get an HD7750 with draws little enough power it would cope in my current system (I think however the HD7770 would be pushing it too far for my ultra cheapie PSU...)

b) buy a decent PSU (750W? Which leaves Crossfire as an upgrade path in say 18 months from now) then get the HD7850

I'm leaning towards option b for the superior graphics and ability to cope with unforeseen future titles, however... I'm cautious as to if the improvement would be that great if the CPU ends up being a bottleneck? As if I need to then upgrade the CPU (and probably the motherboard too? Otherwise I'm stuck with older AM3 socket CPUs) then I'm just about replacing my entire PC! (new PSU/CPU/GPU/motherboard... & I already just purchased the new SSD!)

So might as well just get the cheap HD7750 and enjoy it while it lasts, but if the CPU won't be as great a bottleneck as I fear in making this system lopsided unbalanced then I'll go for the HD7850!
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    I'd suggest getting the 7850 if you are upgrading everything within a year and keeping the card and the psu, otherwise its quite a waste for an athlon x2.

    The 7750 should be the better option if you aren't upgrading any time soon.
  2. ive seen a lot of people from toms recommending ops to get a beefy power supply so that they can buy another graphics card (in your case another 7850)
    but every time i see someone asking if they should buy another 5xxx card or even 6xxx card they just tell them to sell it and buy a 7xxx
    i dont think your ever going to crossfire if your not buying a second card within the year
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  4. cheers, my PSU failed so got a new one:
    FSP Group Aurum 750W
    Thus I reckon I'll be getting that HD 7850 soon-ish, next month.

    And I am looking out for a Phenom X4 or X6 on TradeMe (or marketplace for secondhand goods in New Zealand, like a kiwi eBay).
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