Is this build compatible and/or is it good?

Is this build compatible and is it good?
If not, what would make it better or cheaper?

Intel Core i5 3570K

Asus P8Z77-V LX

Kingston HyperX DDR3 2X 4GB 1600MHz XMP X2 CL9

GeForce with CUDA GTX 560Ti MSI TWINFROZ 1024MB

OCZ Vertex 4 SSD 2,5" 128GB 560/430 MB/s 120k IOPs

Antec EarthWatts 650W Green 80 Plus Bronze

Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU-Cooler

The parts that I excluded were the case and the DVD reader.
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  1. Good choices, but I don't know about the video card (I'm not a gamer).
  2. What I read about it is that its quite good, I would like this setup to last a while xD
  3. Get a 2GB 560TI so you can easily SLI later on. It won't last too long in gaming especially with a 1GB frame buffer. Its pretty much the thing stopping you from SLIing those 560ti bad boys.
  4. The graphics card should be okay, there are 2 concerns for me..

    1) You dont have another HD? 1 128GB SSD isn't going to go very far all by itself

    2) The 650W PSU is potentially low-end for your system. I believe it will run everythign you have listed, but if you get to upgrading your card in the future or soemthing, you may end up double-upgrading the card and psu at the same time.

    Not 100% sure how far 650W will take you, but there are websites to calculate that stuff for ya :)
  5. Yeah, I have another HD that i did not list, about 1 terabyte
    Wow, what i read before was that 650 W was already overkill...
    And about the graphics card, i shall look and see how much that costs
    Thx for the replies ^__^
  6. I would not go OCZ for your SSD. They are having financial issues and you don't know where they will be in 6 mos. I suggest a Samsung 840Pro and if you need something cheaper, a Crucial M4. I had a 128GB drive and had to upgrade to a 256GB cuz it was just too small. You may want to think about that. The rest of your build looks fine.
  7. CPU : i5-3570k, nothing to say here.
    MOBO : i'd ditch the asus for the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 more oc with this board plus 8 sata connectors and better audio on-board.
    RAM : its ok, although i recommend the CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB CML8GX3M2A1600C9 if available in your area.
    CPU COOLER : really good cpu cooler but it is really expensive i'd trade if once again available the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.
    VIDEO CARD : now here i really recommend ditching the 560ti for a 660 gtx 2gb or 7870 2gb (depending on your taste for brands) in your area.
    SSD : look for Crucial CT128M4SSD2CCA (128gb) cause its better.
    PSU : the antec is more than enough even with two 660 gtx or 7870 sli/crossfire so you'll not be needing more than the 650w.
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