PSU rquirement for my graphic card

A few months ago, I had this problem of my graphic card getting extremely heated up so I had removed it from my PC.

Recently, I came to know that graphic cards have certain PSU requirement which if not satisfied can result in such issues. So, I checked my PSU and it read "220V".

Wanted to know whether it is enough for my GPU ?
The graphic card was Biostar 9500GT 1 GB.

My PC specs: Intel Core i3 3.07 GHz, 2GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk running WIndows 7 32-bit.
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  1. A lot of psu run at 22V that doesn't say anything. We need to know the Watts, brand and model.
  2. There was nothing given in Watts. I will check the brand and model and post it in a couple of minutes. Btw, is there any program to do so without opening up my cabinet ?
  3. No. Maybe give your pc brand and model, but best is to look inside. When you do that take also a look on how much ampere there is on the +12V rail(s)
  4. Ok I found the model & details:

    Supercomp SEP 500
    AC Voltage: 220V, 50-60Hz
    AC Input Current: 6.5-8A
    450 Watts

    Is it enough for my GPU ?
  5. Yes. It's maybe a lower quality psu but 450W should be more than enough.
  6. The PSU seems fine. My concern is the GPU heating up. Clear the dust and make sure you have good airflow. 100c temps are a red flag.
  7. How hot did the gpu get anyway ?
  8. Well I had a thread regarding my GPU getting heated up months ago. I was not able to solve the problem. It would go upto 110C.

    I tried everything from cleaning my case and also applying thermal paste in the GPU but nothing helped. People suggested I should try installing case fans etc. but I thought that would not solve the issue as my GPU was getting heated up to a very extreme extent. Moreover, if it was airflow issue, then it should have affected other components too in my CPU which did not happen. My core temperatures etc. were fine.

    So, I removed the GPU.
  9. Right.

    Well, it shouldn't be a power issue, a 6670 should even run fine on a 300W.

    Also i can't imagine that by underpowering a gpu gets that hot, not sure about that, only doesn't sound logical.

    Did you or are you able to try the gpu in an other system from friends or family ? If it does the same there it's just a faulty gpu.
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