Computer freeze problems

Hello TH,

I built my own computer a two months ago. Had some issues at first which were resolved by sending back my GPU and getting a new one.

Now I have freezes.
Screen freezes, no sound and no response.

I'm running
Asus Z77 Pro3 (1.60 BIOS)
8 Gb Corsair DDR3-1600
2048 MB Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC (12.11 Catalyst)
120GB OCZ Agility 3 running Windows 7 64-bit
2 TB Seagate HDD
Thermaltake M550W 80 plus PSU
I haven't OCed anything yet.

It's frozen so far while playing SC2 and twice while watching on Firefox. And it's done so in the last 4-5 days. Nothing new consciously installed (although Adobe/window updates may have occurred).

I say no response because any amount of Ctrl-alt-del won't get it to reboot the machine.
And I specified no sound because you also have those freezes where the sound gets stuck in a loop, this is not the case.
Virus-check came up empty.

Any help diagnosing/solving this would be appreciated.
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  1. Couple of thoughts:
    Update BIOS to V. 1616 or 1708
    Download and run Memtest86 and check you RAM
  2. Ah crap, my bad. ASRock Z77 Pro 3
  3. Finally got around to running that program.
    Built my own system, get sent to Asia for 2 months, have to rely on old laptop. Excellent.

    Anyway, I have a SHITTON of memory errors. About 23 up to test 8 and then I stopped it at 500k errors while running test 9.

    Odd thing was that they were all (except 1) on addresses between 8 and 9 gig.
    I only have 8 gig. . . .
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