3d rendering PC configuration


I want to refresh my PC and i could really use
your high-tech opinions.

So, if you could please spare no more than 5 minutes
of your very precious time and help a brother in distress,
I would be extremely and forever grateful.

Approximate Purchase Date: nov-dec 2012

Budget Range: < 800 eur ...

System Usage from Most to Least Important:

I use my PC mostly for work:
3d rendering (and sometimes animation) (mostly C4D,vray,etc), CAD (mostly Archicad), 2D graphics (photoshop and stuff)

Parts Not Required: :

I don't need a monitor.
I also have an old PC (4 years old) with an Antec Nine Hundred case and a Corsair 450W power supply, both reusable i think.


Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

www.emag.ro, www.intend.ro


Parts Preferences:

by far, the most important part o the new build. What do you think is the
best fit?

I am thinking that i could use the power of 16gb or 32gb of ram.
I don't think that i have the budget for 16 or 32gb of high quality rams, so
I'm thinking that i could get one of the cheapest in a 32gb config. What do
you think about that?
I do need ram power as i usually end up editing xlarge photoshop files or
big 3D scenes with a lot of polygons.

I am also guessing that a SSD disk drive with more than 60 gb would be of
great use, maybe along a 1TB (or greater) usual hard drive. (PS: or i could
first get a smaller second hard drive...maybe 500gb or so and upgrade later
- this way I'll have more money for other parts.)

video card:
not that important, i think. I am not a hardcore gamer... a low
mid class or something like that will do. (?)

SLI or Crossfire:
probably not relevant for my setup

With black Friday coming up, maybe i could take advantage of the some low prices.
(not really counting on that, but ...who knows :) ).

Thank you in advance !
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  1. With your high graphic-intensive work have you considered either the Quadro series from NVIDIA or Fire Pro from ATI? - depending on whether CUDA or DC suits your software better. Have a look at a few pro graphic forums for more help here (e.g. search 'nvidia quadro forum'). Of course, regular offerings from these manufacturers will offer acceleration also, but significantly reduced.

    Forgot to ask....what motherboard is in your 'old' PC? - I still have an old x58 but these are so expandable/future-proof that I've been able to add alot of features that 'modern' boards have. Infact, I still have no real reason to upgrade. Yet. You might want to increase your SSD size to at least 120GB - they're very competitively priced these days. Check our using a RAMDrive for gfx use (the RAM size you're suggesting would be ideal for this)....alternatively, a second cheap 60GB SSD could be used for scratch work. Other forums will help here.
  2. Thank you mesab66 for you're time. I think that quadro or fire are kinda out of my budget league. I've also looked into your other very good tips and found some very interesting things. Thank you again!

    I've started to slowly configure something .
    Please tell what do you think about this build and its options:

    01. Case (aldready owned):

    02. Power Suply

    v1. SIRTEC 600W HPC-600-B12S

    v2. CORSAIR 600W CMPSU-600CXV2

    03. Memory

    v1. 4 x 8GB ddr3 pc12800
    1600MHz, Kingston KHX1600C10D3B1/8G
    Non-ECC CL10, XMP HyperX Blue

    v2. 4 x 8Gb DDR3, PC-12800, 1600MHz,
    Corsair CMZ8GX3M1A1600C9, CL9, 9-9-9-24, radiator Vengeance, revizia A, Voltage 1.5V

    04. CPU
    Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4000 BX80637I73770

    05. MB

    v2. ASUS P8Z77-V LX Z77 CHIPSET


    06. SSD
    v1. kingston 120gb /sata 3 2.5 3k sh103s3/120g

    v2. corsair force series 120gb / sata3 2.5 cssd-f120gbgt-bk

    v3. ocz vertex 4 128 gb

    or maybe some samsung...?

    07. HDD
    WD 1TB/sata3/64m wd10ezex

    08. VIDEO CARD

    v1. evga nvidia gtx 650 1gb ddr5 128bits 01G-P4-2650-KR (maybe a little too expensive for what i really need)

    v2. gainward gt 640 1gb ddr3 128 bits GT640-1024-HDMI-DVI

    v3. or maybe gts 450 1gb ddr3 128bits ... ?

    I would be glad if you could comment on the options and maybe give some some smarter suggestions...
    Thank you !
  3. anyone? no opinions? ...
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