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When I am booting my computer Windows cannot find my boot drive and prompt me to insert boot media. This happens every second time I try to boot my system, when I restart my computer it loads in Windows without any problems. Since the problem isn't random I expect it being a software problem. I hope you can help me.

My specs are:
CPU: Intel i3 - 2120
CPU cooler: Intel std.
MotherBoard: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe
Memory: 2x Kingston KVR1333D3S9 4GB
GPU: Intel onboard
HDD: OCZ Agility 3 120 GB SSD
Case: LianLi PC-Q09F w. internal 150W PSU
DVD: LiteOn DS-8A5S slim
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 OEM
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  1. First try the obvious, re-seat your hard drive connectors, both data and power. If the problem persists, check out a bios reset or update.
  2. We have a problem ! tha's the reason why I switch to Linux! This is not like the Windows Updates . . . they never fix windows or adjust, or protect windows again the MS Fake Anti-Virus . . . always infect my computer at least 2 o 3 times in a year since 1998 why ? Because Microsoft Windows Update are not fixing or enhancing Windows. . . is just a marketing tools, instead of downloading software ( or installing ) is stealing our Internet behaviour visited Websites History, if we are actives buying where, and what we buy with our Credit Card, then sell our information to Walmart, Best Buy, and big shoe companies and Manufacturers. . . Windows Updates is Scam. . . is the big scam that Micro$oft can pull . . . instead of Dowloading is Uploading to them our info that will be scanned to see if is used or not. . . Windows Updates are Fake downloading. . . is uploading our info to be sell from Microsoft and Windows never is Protected agains the same scammers and Fake antiviirus. . . Microsoft is behind all those small companies that infect your computer and ask you money in order to repair it !!
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