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Hey I wanted someone's opinion on something, I want to buy a new computer case that ahs a lot of airflow and good enough room to fit a GTX 550 ti and a Phenom II's heat sink and fan.
This was originally what I wanted but I heard they always get shipped like crap and are broken when it gets here.

so I was wondering what kind of case I should get for like $105 or should I keep the one up top?

Thanks, Genealcckid
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    There is no need for 5 case fans unless you are cramming in alot of components that generate heat. A GTX550 and PhenomII won't generate a ton of heat. Also remember more fans equals more noise. You are probably fine with a single exhaust fan to be perfectly honest unless you have a stack of hard drives. If you like the case though go for it. There are cheaper options that are just as good if you are looking to cut some cost.
  2. good to know ill go down alittle bit. Thanks for telling me
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  4. You bet. I shop for cases first visually, because you have to like what your PC looks like. Then functionally, does it have all the options I need/want and will it fit everything. You also have to search in the range you are willing to spend. If you are going for a budget build, there are plenty of $50 cases out there that will work just fine. Your money is best spend on other components since your case doesn't make your PC run faster. One exhaust fan is just fine for any average system. Most cases also have alot of venting at the top which helps as well. People overdue airflow all the time.
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