Psu blew up internal components fried inside pc

My old psu was only £17 and they have already said a full refund will be given but if any of my components are fried is there anyway they could cover the cost ? because my rig should be supported by a 550w psu and the product was clearly stated as a 550w psu, i was only wondering if anyone knows anything ?. For example if the processor has been fried due to the psu blowing itself up wouldnt they have to cover the cost of a new processor ? as it is there products fault ?. Im asking this as i am low on budget and really do not want to buy a new processor when it wasnt my fault. Oh and my pc has only been running for 2 weeks so the damage was instant it wasnt over a period of time due to faulty wires or anything. My specs are :

2x4gb ddr3 ram
amd athlon II X2 3.0GHZ
asus geforce gtx 650 1gb ddr5
500gb wd blue caviar hdd 3.5"
250gb toshiba hdd 2.5"
22x Samsung SATA DVD±RW CD Writer Drive Burner TS-H663 ROM Desktop PC 5.25"
2xgelid silent 12 fans 120mm/80mm
2x120mm fans as well as the two above
avenge power gangster midi case with front led's
(had a 550w psu until it blew up on me)

Any help is greaty appreciated.
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  1. What brand PSU blew up? Have you checked the fine print in the warranty or on-line? I think they only cover damages to the PSU and will deny any liability for other parts. Contact your lawyer (hehe)... Good luck
  2. it was a cheap brand it's arctic red 550w
    They seemed more than happy to refund almost immediate which personally came across a bit weird so ill look into the fine print see what it says.
  3. I am about to send this to the ebay company that sold me the psu is it acceptable to send ? :
    I am using an asus engt520 which requires a minimum of 300w to run and my whole rig is easily compatible with a 400w - 450w psu but i decided to go with a higher psu incase i made any upgrades of any kind to my rig, i have not yet and the rig is as it started which would run off of a 450w psu with ease however your psu is 100w bigger but could not handle my components, also you state that "The most common problem is the load which can trigger the thermal cut out which causes reset or shut down" yes the psu did shut down but it was not safe it did not simply cut out it sent a huge spark out of the rear of the psu, also the computer is very close to me and i had a clear view of the spark as i was on the pc at the time. Due to the psu being fried there is no way of telling if any of the components in my pc are working, a mass maprity of the online community have said that there is a high chance of my components being at risk because of the incident and i would like to know what to do if any of the components have become faulty/unusable due to your product failing on my pc, please advise.
  4. I agree, send it back. The only way to find out if your other components are fried is get a good power supply and test it. Coursair, Antek, Seasonic, Thermaltake are some good brands. Do you have a friend who will loan you one for a while to test? Good luck.
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