please give comment to this system

AMD AthlonXP 1900+
MagicPro MP-7VIP-DR-Le+ (KT266A, built-in Promise RAID) or
2theMax 8KHA+ (KT266A)
Micron 256MB PC2100 DDR RAM
ATi Radeon 8500 64MB
WD300AB(30 GB 5,400rpm) x2 or one BaracudaIV(60GB 7,200rpm)
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  1. It seems ok, but if you're going to set up a RAID get 2 7200RPM hard drives. I'd get the Athlon XP 1800+ and two 7200RPM hard drives instead.

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  2. Why 2 motherboards?
    You building 2 system?
    Configuration looks good.
    One 7200rpm hd better in access time, two 5400rpm hds you get a little better throughput.
  3. Are those the actual brand names of the motherboards? If so, I'd stay away from them. Top-tier mobo makers for me, only! :)

    Otherwise, looks good. I'd go for the Barracuda IV over the 5400 RPM WDs.

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  4. The 2themax is actually Epox, I'm sure navyseals is from HongKong, and I don't know why Epox is named 2themax in HongKong.
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