No sound after upgrading to windows 7 on my hp pavilion dv9000

after upgrading to win 7 32 to from vista my sound dose not eork properly. i get a sound bar but no internal audio on speakers. my headphone socket works,well it works at such a low volume that its useless even when turned up full. i have tryed everything to sort this but no joy even after talking to hp. i have tryed every driver known to man,every setting ,well you get the picture. i have a hp dv 9000 motherboard qanta 30 bd chipset intel 945pm bios f.2e
if you can help me sort this i would be greatfull and its not a hardwear problem. many thanks
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  1. Install the Vista drivers as normal, will no doubt whine about no compatible devices, but let it finishes.

    Now go into device manager and do a manual update of audio device, tell it you will choose the driver and and point it to the c:\swsetup\ folder ticking the option to check other folders.

    There is no reason why the Vista drivers will not work for Win7 except that HP want you to buy a new laptop when your old one is still capable, just them being profit muppets.
  2. Thanks for that. I did that but still no sound out of internel speakers and very low sound out of head phones. says this devise working properly. but it has always said that. i have right bios right chip set. took speakers out and checked them but they are fine. in fact all was fine till i put windows 7 on my laptop. even when i put it going through my stereo the sound is crackely. i am begining to get very upset with hp. ant more ideas.
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