Graphics card for Inspiron 660!

I have this inspiron!

I need a GOOD graphics card for it.
Please help me out!

Or is there a way I could buy another case and transfer things over into the new case and then get a normal sized graphics card?
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  1. You are crippled by two factors. The first is that any "good" graphics card will almost certainly require a new power supply. The second is that you have a slimline model, meaning you'll need a video card that is able to accommodate that particular form factor. Even if you moved everything to a new case, you'd still need to add to that a new PSU, so it would become a significantly more expensive proposition. My personal opinion would be to not even bother, just save your money and buy/build a new gaming oriented computer when you have more money. If you try moving the contents of that computer to a new case would likely result in you replacing significant portions of the computer anyway.
  2. There are low-profile versions of the HD7750 available, which should run on the stock Dell PSU. I think they're in the $105-$115 range.
  3. Transfer is plausible, just may not be practical.

    New case, New Psu and the graphic card. everything else 'should' be transferable.

    Best case scenario that's $170ish and that's with just a 6670.

    if that 7750 fits you should be ok.
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