Nvidia gt 520 gets overheated

my asus nvidia gt 520 ddr3 2gb silent gets overheated while i play games.
my motherboard is Intel DG41wv.
processor dual core 2.8 Ghz
ram 4 GB DDR3
PSU 450 watt (ATX)
do i need a psu cable that connects to my graphics card?
or can this overheat will cause any damage to my graphics card ?
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  1. What temps are you seeing?
  2. well i didn't measure the temperature.
    but after 5-6 hours of gaming it starts under performing
    and game hangs
  3. you should check your temps - that could be a psu problem for example
  4. download gpu-z and take a look at the sensors tab
  5. Just some general tips , Dust off all fans and the card itself. check your air flow and fans.
  6. its a silent card, so no fans on GPU, how is your case airflow? maybe try to dust off the fans that are there.
  7. Get MSI Afterburner to check the temperatures of the card.

    And it might just be time for a new card, the GT520 pretty much sucks.
  8. its 80 degree Celsius measured by a software named gamebooster.
    yees, no fan on the graphics card but here are 2 small fans inside the cpu.
    and both of them r working fine..
  9. If you have CPU fans only and no case fans that's probably the problem.
  10. 1 cpu fan and 1 case fan
  11. well you could buy some cheap 120mm case fan and mount it somewhere near the craphics card so it blows some air on the heatsink
  12. what kind of case are you using?
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