My new gaming pc (need your thoughts and opinions)!!!

Hey everyone I just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions on my new gaming pc build that I'm going to start in a few weeks. I'm wanting to build the best pc for gaming that I can but want to stay around the 1500-2000 dollar mark, so I'm going to list the parts that I'm thinking of buying and assembling so if you could all critique my selections I would really appreciate it.

The parts list,
Processor: Intel i7 3770k ivy bridge ($319 from newegg)
Motherboard: Asus sabertooth Z77 ($229 from newegg)
Ram: G.Skill ripjaws 4x 8Gb ddr3 1866 ($179 from newegg)
Harddrive: Seagate barracuda 2x 3Tb 7200rpm ($299 from newegg)
GPU: I'm thinking of doing an sli setup with 2 nvidia gtx 680 (would appreciate input on a good graphics setup)
Case: Corsair obsidian 800d ($245 from amazon)
Cooler: Corsair hydro H100
Power supply: Corsair professional AX 1200 ($249 from amazon)

So all of the parts above total out to be $1520 ( without the graphics card/cards)

If any of you have any tweaks to my setup that would decrease the overall build price without really hurting performance I would love to here about it!

Thanks in advance to everyone
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    For gaming go with I5 3570K and drop your PSU to 850watts and you are fine for your SLI setup but I would go with two GTX670 instead. 8GB ram is enough for a gaming rig so you can drastically save on ram as well.
  2. what are you going to use for a monitor/monitors? dual gtx 680's more power than you'll need under normal conditions. Personally I would try to shave a little money off the case and hard drives and buy an SSD for a boot drive and gaming drive.
  3. Everything sounds pretty good but I would change the ram to 16gb of Corsair vengeance or dominator. I would also get the Corsair h100i, the upgraded h100 and that is basically the same price. For gpu I would do either dual gtx680's or dual 7950's
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  5. How well does the i5 3570k OC? Also I haven't decided if I was to go with one very high res monitor or go with a dual monitor setup.

    32gb is probably a little overkill but is 8 or 16 gb better, my current laptop that I'm gaming on has 8gb and seems to do good not great but good (ASUS g75vw-bbk5)
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