GTX690 PC Build. Need help!


I'm building a gaming rig that in which i want to spend as little as possible on everything else apart from the GFX card.
I want a system that can eventually handle a dual 690 SLi config. hence the 1000w PSU.
I'd like to know if the motherboard I've chosen can properly house the 690 SLi config.
The SSD is for the OS and games i'm running and then the HDD is the media thingy.

Do let me know if there are any conflicts that i should know about....

I need to confirm this by Sunday so thanks in advance!

Mobo - MSi Z77G45 $1220HK
RAM - 8 GB ADATA 1333 DDR3 (4gb is a apart of the Mobo deal.
Inno3D GTX690 - $8080HK
Silverstone PSU 1000w - $1580HK
OCZ 3 120GB SSD - $699HK

1TB WD 7,200rpm 32mb cache
Coolmaster Silencio 550
LG MultiDrive
i5 2400
In a bundle for $2500 HKD
Total: $14079
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