What gfx card is the best?

i am going to make my own pc but i cant decide on the graphic cards heres my options:




or if you know any thats under £190 but is amazing
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  1. That one is the best:

    GTX 560 ti 2gb


    But for extra £1 over your limit, you could go with something like that (way better):


  2. Hi,
    The 560 (even though outshined by the 660) is still a very capable card. I'm only using the 560 non-ti but if I clock up to 950/4400 (and I really haven't found any use for it as it runs games fine), I should be about the same as a 560 ti.
    If you can consider a 660 non-ti, factory oc'ed, that would be great.
    560 vs 660, 660 will win and with less power draw and only requires 1 power connector. Still, the 560, as I would consider, is the base line and is a very good choice for the price to performance ratio at 1920x1080.
    I think it would really boil down to the pricing. If it's only the 560 in your price bracket, it's a good choice but if you can reach out a little, the 660 is well worth the price bump.
  3. Alternatively, you could go for a Radeon 7850 (Asus for £168 and MSI for £174).

    On average, an overclocked 7850 will be on par with an overclocked 660 (and will easily outperform a 560). However averages don't apply to every game (hence, being averages); some games favor Nvidia cards over AMD cards, and vice-versa. Which will be better for you largely depends on what games you'll play, but either one will likely give you more than satisfactory performance in any game.
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