Crossfire IGX and APU?

Hello, I did a bit of Googling around for this one. I can't find anything beyond Crossfiring an APU with cards of the same range. As the title would suggest, I am wondering if one could crossfire an APU with an IGX of the same range, or perhaps, even crossfiring the APU and IGX with two additional cards of the same range, using the Crossfire guide. That would make for a very good, low-end setup.
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  1. I guess I could help if I had any idea what IGX was, google/wikipedia don't come up with much but an airport...
  2. APU has a built in GPU. They dont make APU compatible motherboards with integrated graphics, thats what the APU is for.
  3. Yeah, I was assuming he was talking integrated graphics but it's my b-day and I wanted to be difficult :). You can Xfire the APU with vid cards, however I don't think this is going to be the performance boon you are hoping for.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, there's no way to do a hybrid tri-fire with an APU and two discrete cards. Not that I've heard of, at least.
  5. Oh yes, I also have not heard of a configuration like that either.
  6. Yeah, after much research I also determined that. I'm new to the APU seen. I took a bit of a break from building back in 2006 and came back just recently. The reason I asked, was because, an APU coupled with an IGP, would be the most low-latency solution of all time. It would be low end, and all use your slow-a$$ System ram, compared to DDR5 video ram, but it would be sweet.
  7. The IGP is part of the APU, they are not seperate.
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