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Hi!. I would like some advice on headphones for gaming (fps).
I have to combine a sound card creative sound blaster fatality recon3d professional.
I would not spend more than 100 euro.
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  1. creative is crap. a asus dg 5.1 sounds better for 1/3 of the price. in other words you got scammed

    for headphones, something like a corsair vengeance 1300 will do the job. other one that is good from what i know is the astro a30 or the astro a40
  2. In fact I have not yet made ​​the purchase.
    However, for xonard 5.1 dg I heard a speech on PCM is better than 5.1, someone could clarify this issue?
  3. um i dont understand what you are trying to say. pleas clarify

    5.1 vs 7.1 isnt much other than you can get more speakers to do surround sound. a 7.1 headset is useless as it means more tiny speakers that sound bad compared to a 2.1 setup where you have 2 large speakers that sound good
  4. Oh, forget it, I'm pretty confused.
    However, I thought to take the cm storm sirus 5.1, but having USB connectivity, this headset should not take advantage of the sound card, right?
  5. Look at the GameCon 780. Any headset that uses USB does not use the sound card.
  6. if it uses a usb connector, there is no point of the sound card as the headset would have a sound chip inside
  7. A question: 'best stereo headphones with a decoder 5.1 or 5.1 headset?
  8. just get a virtual 5.1 headset
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