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Hello everybody, my name is Joe :). I am having stability issues with my home Internet. It's 12Mbps/1Mbps down/up from Charter. This just started a few weeks ago, but I had the same type of problem around 9 months ago. What happens is I am surfing along or playing Crysis2 and then I am disconnected. My modem Ready light goes out and starts blinking. The outage usually happens around midnight EST and lasts about 15 minutes. My connection comes back but then usually disappears within 10-15 minutes but I usually head to bed at this point. Sometimes this happens during the day as well but it is usually late at night. I have tried a lot of different things, none of which seemed to work. I bought a new cable modem. I called Charter and talked with one of their people while my Internet was down and they assured me everything was good on their end, but I could spend some money to have a tech come out and look. Anyways my coax cable comes into my apartment and travels about 10 feet before going into a three way splitter. I did check to see if the splitter was causing the problem by removing it and just running the coax coming in straight to the modem and still had the same problem. Anyways I have tried a lot of things and I am looking for some insight from others. Thanx in advance for any help!
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  1. Update: Was watching a little football today and browsing the web at the same time and noticed my disconnects coincided with my TV going fuzzy as well.
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