Motherboard Specific Graphics Cards?

I don't particularly understand any of their differences:

Is it beneficial to have matching Graphics Card and Motherboard brands?

The cons of mismatching? (as I notice EVGA's 600series being favoured over my motherboard's, ASUS)

I'm looking to buy a GTX 670, does anyone advise against this?

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  1. It makes absolutely no difference at all what brands you use with other brands. The only thing is certain brands have a reputation for higher quality than other brands but that was not really what you were asking. EVGA for instance is known for their great warranty. I have bought EVGA cards my last 5 graphics card upgrades in a row.

    A GTX 670 is a great card and as long as you have a quality 500 watt or better power supply and a newer computer you will be fine.
  2. there used to be a way to mismatch back with agp cards, just needed to make sure you mb had this slot. now everything is standard pci. you only need to make sure the PSU is sufficient. Oh, and that the MB has xfire/sli support if you are trying to use 2+ cards.
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