What do u think of the GTX 660 non-ti

hey Guys i was wondering how good is the new Gtx 660 non-ti , how it performs in new games like bf3 , and what brand is best in the gtx 660 non-ti , as i will build the pc and put a hold for the graphic card till i have all its money. ty :)
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  1. The 7870 and 7850 are better.
  2. obsama1 said:
    The 7870 and 7850 are better.

    well i think they are not , and am really a big fan of nvidia ...
  3. About the same as 7870 it is a decent card about even with the 580GTX so yeah good card but not so good according to this gen of cards.

  4. It fits between the 7850 and 7870 in performance, and is better in battlefield 3. It also fits there in terms of price, so I'm a decent fan.
  5. I meant the 7870. And the 7870 is about the same price.
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